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If you are looking for a premium web hosting experience for your WordPress site, WP Engine is well worth the investment. With fast loading times, fast delivery of content, strategic account management, and robust security features; WP Engine has built a top-rated, fast and excellent performing WordPress hosting platform that stands out as one of the best web hosting platform. However, the WP Engine is more suitable for experienced WordPress users than for beginners. Their service has been specifically designed to help developers migrate, launch and manage a WordPress site.

WP Engine offers advanced features that make it the preferred player in a tightly knit market

From the outset, the founders of WP Engine decided to provide more than just a hosting service. They wanted to create a world-class WordPress hosting platform that was competitive in both performance and speed.

Although WP Engine faces stiff competition in the WordPress hosting market, this company has still managed to stay in the top position with its excellent features, which have created a reputation as a top choice for companies, marketing professionals and developers.

WP Engine through its Managed hosting plans gives you a secure and reliable environment that includes initial installation, select modules and more, making it the best managed hosting platform you can get anywhere.

With its innovative technology, WP Engine provides high-level security for your WordPress site, surprisingly fast loading times, daily backups and automatic update of WordPress plugins. Distinctive features of WP Engine include pre-production, which allows you to automatically create a trial version of your site, Git version control, and an excellent transfer of free package facilities to paid packages.

Although WP Engine has a lot of positives, the lack of email and domain registration is still a disappointment. Both for the domain name and the email, you will need to use, respectively, a URL recorder and a third party email service provider. Not only is this a disadvantage (especially for beginners) but, besides, it can also push up the bill.

Overall, WP Engine’s premium price, even at the entry level, may seem a bit off to those who are new to WordPress. However, all users who know WordPress will be impressed by the rigorously managed WordPress hosting available with WP Engine.


A robust hosting platform that provides all that is important

Website security:

The security features of WP Engine are among the elements that show that this platform is out of the ordinary. E-commerce businesses will especially appreciate the availability of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. The SSL ensures that the data of your customers are safe by the continued daily update of its firewalls and tracking of malware.

EverCache technology:

Speed ​​and performance improvement are vital strengths of WP Engine. Its EverCache technology frees you from the sometimes complex use of cache plugins and automatically handles the caching of objects, pages, and databases in the backend. The caching of the RDC (the Content Delivery Network) and RAM ensure surprisingly rapid distribution of static content.

Development Mechanisms:

WP Engine makes use of robust development tools that are indeed a market reference. Above all, the one-click development area makes WP Engine a software of excellence in the vertical organization of WordPress hosting. Previously, the absence of a development domain, which allows users to try their site before putting it online, reduced the efficiency of WordPress. WP Engine’s one-click pre-production zone eliminates this problem. Git version control and one-click restore options extend the list of impressive WP Engine development features.


A simple beginning for experienced users but not for beginners

Users will immediately notice that WP Engine is extremely developer oriented. The novice user will learn faster through the hosting process. However, there is a lot of information to digest, including checklists and a solid knowledge base, which can help you get started. As for the problems of all kinds, you can solve them as and when.

Automated and Simplified website Management

WP Engine’s interface is easy to use. Most importantly, the control panel is responsive, and it helps to do things faster than with other hosting providers. In addition to making booting as easy as possible, WP Engine allows you to easily transfer your pre-existing WordPress website to its servers using the help of its migration plugin, which allows for automation of the entire process.

By migrating your site to this best managed WordPress hosting, you can not only avoid problems of “bad neighborhood” but also gain essential benefits, such as speed, security an so much more.


User-friendly, accessible and expert

WP Engine also made great efforts to provide reliable technical premium support.

Users can familiarize themselves with the platform by exploring the comprehensive documentation found on the WP Engine website. From the installation of your first website to the management of your hosting account, there are so many articles that you will necessarily find what you need to get started.

Both beginners and experienced users will benefit from WP Engine’s strong knowledge base.

There is also a functional, technical support team that can be contacted through mail ticket, live chat or by phone. Although technical support by email ticket is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, technical support by phone (toll-free number) is open from 9 am to 6 pm. If you need help immediately, live chat is available from 9 am to 8 pm, Central Time.


The price of packages is competitive if we take into account the excellence of the features that are provided

There are four hosting packages that you can choose from: the Beginner Package, the Growth Package, the Progression Package, and the Personalized Package.

The Beginner hosting Package is the entry-level package. It is suitable for creating a blog or a small website. With this package, you are allotted to a single website with three environments, technical support for up to 25,000 visitors per month and 50 GB of bandwidth. Without additional cost, you also get RDC and SSL, a free, no-nonsense migration and page performance reporting.

The Growth hosting package is ideal for a company that is taking off. It provides five sites with three environments per site, 200 GB of bandwidth, technical support for up to 100,000 visits per month plus all the features of the Beginner package.

The Progression hosting package is ideal if you need additional capabilities to expand your business. With this package, you are allowed to a maximum of 15 sites and three environments per site, technical support for up to 400,000 visits per month, 400 GB of bandwidth and all other features of the Growth Package.

Last but not least, WP Engine says that the Custom package is designed for critical websites. Large companies will appreciate the dedicated environment, the high performance, and availability, the high level of support and the highest technical support.

Each of these packages has a generous 60-day money back guarantee.


Compared to other hosting services, WP Engine prices can scare the potential customer a bit. However, if you want a higher level hosting experience for your WordPress website, WP Engine is well worth the price. With fast-loading, fast-moving content, strategic account management, and stiff security features, WP Engine deliver more than just WordPress hosting. Although the price and complexity may be a little confusing for beginners, WP Engine targets mostly high-traffic websites, computer-savvy individuals and WordPress developers and they will most likely find WP Engine a platform for accommodation that deserves a visit.


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